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The Spondylus necklace is made of mother-of-pearl shell and the spodylos shell, carved by hand with different drawings and symbols, giving shape to the chakana or chaka hanan means the bridge to the top.  It is the name of the constellation of the Southern Cross, and constitutes the synthesis of the Andean worldview, it is also an astronomical concept linked to the seasons of the year.  Its shape is that of a square and stepped cross, with twelve points. ... In fact, the chakana is not a randomly found shape, but rather a geometric shape resulting from astronomical observation.  the Chakana as the 'Andean cross', presented as an Inca and pre-Inca symbol with cultural, spiritual or mystical interpretations.

This unique piece is made exclusively for Paulina Velez


Beautiful Spondylus and Mother of pearl shell from the deep sea, hand carved, Unique.


    • Handmade item

    • Necklace length: 6” / 15cm - 14” / 36cm 

    • Materials: Spondylus shell and  Mother of pearl shell, silk cord, silver ring

    • Hand carved, Unique

    • Length: adjustable lengths. 

    • On an adjustable 6” / 15cm - 14” / 36cm 

    • 100% handmade

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